Wondershare Fantashow

Wondershare Fantashow 6.2.0

Anyone Can Master Moviemaking!


  • Combine photos and video—into something amazing
  • Blend templates, text and music
  • Share instantly on DVD, YouTube—anywhere


Anyone Can Master Moviemaking!

Why Use Wondershare Fantashow? Maybe you’ve got a genius friend who makes creating a work of art look easy. Well, with Wondershare Fantashow, you’re that person! With just a few clicks and your imagination, you can artfully arrange your photos and video to tell a moving story in mere minutes! Works beautifully with video and photo formats from any camera or PC! 1. Mesmerize with Ease Every Fantashow you create artfully combines your favorite photos, songs and video into something you can be proud to share. Simply drag and drop virtually any photos and video into Wondershare Fantashow, add music and you’ll be amazed at how such easy-to-use software yields fantastic results your friends and family will adore.

2. Striking Themes to fit any Occasion: Whether you want to create a vivid showcase of your baby’s latest cuteness, or a touching tribute to an unstoppable marriage, now you can do it right. Choose from an ever-growing variety of themes that, unlike most “slideshow tools”, offer elegant animations and 3D landscapes to help you tell a deeper story. 3. Add Text to Tell the Story Behind Each Scene 4. Add your favorite music or use our library “Free” 5. Share each new creation with friends and family in 3 easy ways: Post your latest creations to YouTube; Convert the customized show on iPhone 4S, the New iPad, and other devices; And burn high-quality DVD copies of your show to give everyone a chance to enjoy anytime.

The real magic of Wondershare Fantashow is its colorful array of vibrant, animated and 3D templates that let you seamlessly showcase your precious memories. You can wow your family and friends in the way that the typical, static slideshow builder just can’t. And once you’re done, you can instantly share your show with the world via YouTube, DVD and more.

Wondershare Fantashow is the fantastic tool that makes it easy to meld photos, music, effects and more into a movie metamorphosis.

Wondershare Fantashow


Wondershare Fantashow 6.2.0

User reviews about Wondershare Fantashow

  • Lawfyer

    by Lawfyer

    "It WORKS!"

    Bought it for home use; now for work. Love it. Hope that additional formats will be added in the future or create anothe... More.

    reviewed on December 5, 2014